See me at work / Während der Arbeit (Video)

Todays Video (sorry only in German) shows how I’m placing the Fiber Optics into the one of the Buildings.

This Building is the biggest on of the Ship. It contains 368 holes. And because it’s on top of the Ship it needs to be enlightened from two sites. That makes it even more complicated.

I use a lighter to burn a small part of one End of the FO. That way it gets a little bigger and can’t slip thru the hole anymore. Than I have to filter the FO into the hole. I use a toothpick or a pair of tweezers to get it from the inside out.

With a small LED flashlight I’m testing if the lighting looks good.

Das heutige Video zeigt wie ich die Lichtwellenleiter an einem Gebäude anbringe.


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